Benefits of 2cm Porcelain Pavers

Traditionally porcelain tiles have only been suitable for interior installation due to historical manufacturing methods and availability of installation materials. That is no longer the case as the possibilities to implement porcelain tile systems have greatly increased to include a variety of outdoor applications while concurrently offering a number of benefits over conventional exterior flooring options. Below you can find information on each advantage of 2cm porcelain pavers to see if they are a good choice for your exterior space.

Ease of Installation

2cm porcelain pavers are considered a semi-modular exterior flooring system, not in the sense that the installed pavers are meant to be moved with ease (although depending on how they are installed that is possible) but rather that because each paver is installed independently from one another. Installation is often less labor intensive than previous hardscape options. Additionally, 2cm porcelain pavers are transported more easily than concrete pavers when considering weight. They may also be a better logistical option than pumping wet cement depending on the topography surrounding your area as well.

2cm porcelain pavers can be dry set on any substrate with appropriate drainage including gravel, sand, and even soil, as well as adhered to an existing concrete pad with specialized exterior formulated mortar then grouted with polymeric sand. If you have a structurally stable and level concrete pad you may also consider adjustable pedestals for a quick install.  (Always follow the pedestal manufacturer’s installation guides!) This allows installers to forgo the cost of demolishing an unsightly concrete pad in an outdoor space.


Durability is often the largest factor when considering flooring options for an outdoor space. Why waste the time and investment on something that will not last? Decking alternatives have come a long way but still lean heavily on a very experienced craftsman to properly install pvc-based decking with proper moisture control.

Even if installed 100% properly, decking is still not quite as durable as other hardscape options. Additionally, PVC decking may not fit into your design choice as it often doesn’t flow naturally with the surrounding area and is vulnerable to heat transfer on hot days making for an uncomfortable walking surface.

Concrete options, either poured or in paver forms are often more cost efficient than decking but tend to lack certain facets of durability. Concrete pavers are porous and susceptible to water damage, cracking, and fading. Poured and finished concrete can also be liable to crack even with proper relief cutting due to its low tolerance for temperature shock and freezing.

Issues like cracking or heaving for concrete patios can be very expensive to repair or in the best case is avoided by paying top dollar for the most experienced contractors to pour, cut, and stamp properly. Factor in any coloring or staining and you could be looking at a hefty bill.

Porcelain pavers are non-porous and completely impervious to water; the only consideration is for the surrounding substrates (i.e. the soil or gravel surrounding) that excess water may shift the area. Pavers are frost resistant and are unlikely to be damaged by freezing as well as thermal shock unlike most concrete alternatives. They are also highly resistant to scratches, stains, and discoloration unlike concrete pavers.

Design Options

Lastly, 2cm porcelain pavers offer a wide variety of design options emulating various natural stones and even wood look tile. When you are considering flooring options in an outdoor space you can count on porcelain pavers to coordinate assorted colors and textures to make areas pop or highlight key features of the space. Porcelain pavers can emulate classic designs or fulfill the needs of a modern space. Additionally, porcelain pavers have great transitionary properties where interior spaces meet exterior being one of the only options that is suitable for both.


You can see with the information provided that 2cm porcelain pavers are the ideal installation material when considering flooring for an outdoor space where longevity and aesthetic appeal are essential traits. They are a cost-effective option when considering the total installation price of a project, and they provide great durability on all accounts. Porcelain pavers perform extremely well when considering safety as they are highly slip resistant due to a textured finish making them ideal for pool surroundings. They require minimal upkeep and are easily cleaned with a pressure washer. 

If you are interested in porcelain paver options from Florida Tile, contact your sales rep here or for availability.

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