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Florida Tile understands your busy schedule and last minute deadlines, that is why we created the download page. In one click, you can directly access .pdf and artwork files from across our website. Whether you need technical specs, collection brochures, or room scenes, this page was created for industry professionals to gather the information they need and get on their way. From presenting products to a client or submitting a bid for a project, Florida Tile has you covered.

*Access to the room scene download section will be granted on an individual basis. Florida Tile requires each user to sign and comply with the terms of our Digital Asset Licensing Agreement prior to retaining access. Please contact for more information.

Product Catalog
2CM Porcelain Pavers
   Collection Collateral & Technical Specifications
AINSLEE PARK   Literature   Technical Specification
ALUSTRA   Literature   Technical Specification
AMPLIFY   Literature   Technical Specification
AURA   Literature   Technical Specification
AVENTIS   Literature   Technical Specification
BAKERSFIELD   Literature   Technical Specification
BELLANOVA   Literature   Technical Specification
BERKSHIRE   Literature   Technical Specification
BLISS   Literature
BLUERUN   Literature   Technical Specification
  2cm Literature   2cm Installation Guide
CANAL STREET   Literature   Technical Specification
CELLAR   Literature   Technical Specification
CONTINENT   Literature   Technical Specification
CRAFTSMAN   Literature   Technical Specification
DIVINITY   Literature   Technical Specification
EAST VILLAGE   Literature   Technical Specification
EMOTIVE   Literature   Technical Specification
ENCHANT   Literature   Technical Specification
EXCURSION   Literature   Technical Specification
FLUENT   Literature   Technical Specification
GRAVITATE   Literature   Technical Specification
HIGH RIDGE   Literature   Technical Specification
  2cm Installation Guide   2cm Literature
INDULGE   Literature   Technical Specification
LEDGERSTONE   Literature
LOCAL   Literature   Technical Specification
LOST RIVER   Literature   Technical Specification
MAGNOLIA   Literature   Technical Specification
MEMORABLE   Literature   Technical Specification
MINERAL2CM   Literature   2cm Installation Guide
NATURA   Literature   Technical Specification
NY2LA   Literature   Technical Specification
  2cm Literature   2cm Installation Guide
PASSENGER   Literature   Technical Specification
  2cm Literature   2cm Installation Guide
PEBBLES   Literature
PRECIOUS   Literature   Technical Specification
RHYME   Literature   Technical Specification
SEQUENCE   Literature   Technical Specification
SERENDIPITY   Literature   Technical Specification
SOHO   Literature
SONGBIRD   Literature   Technical Specification
  Look Book
SPAN2CM   Literature   2cm Installation Guide
STORIED   Literature   Technical Specification
TEMPO   Literature   Technical Specification
TIDES   Literature   Technical Specification
TIME 2.0   Literature   Technical Specification
TUSCAN VILLA   Literature   Technical Specification
URBAN FOUNDRY   Literature   Technical Specification
WESTMONT   Literature   Technical Specification
Porcelain SDS
Quarry SDS
Ceramic SDS
Glass SDS
ASTM E84 Fire Rating

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