mindful MATERIALS | Florida Tile


Reinforcing our commitment to transparency and sustainability, Florida Tile, Inc. is a proud participant in the mindful MATERIALS Library.

mindful MATERIALS is a 501(c)(3) organization working to get the building materials community on the same page so we can stop redoing important work, and all have greater impact together. This is accomplished through its Collaboration Hub (mM Hub) and the Common Materials Framework (mM CMF). The mM Hub assembles interdisciplinary changemakers across the built environment eager to collaborate to make sustainability standard for materials. The mM CMF makes this vision possible, by providing professionals and organizations with an aligned foundation for understanding product sustainability data and aligning on pre-competitive ideals.

On the mM library site you will find Florida Tile’s certified porcelain tile collections with product descriptions, certifications, declarations, and test reports. Click here to create your free account today.

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