Reinforcing our commitment to transparency and sustainability, Florida Tile, Inc. is a proud participant in the mindful MATERIALS Library.
mindful MATERIALS (mM) is a powerful building product database incorporating information on the human health and environmental impacts of products from leading manufacturers. It is vetted by experts and trusted industry wide as a source for product transparency.
Today’s market requires owners, developers, and designers to carefully consider the impacts that product content has on the people and planet throughout the product’s life cycle.
For products to be incorporated in this program, manufacturers must provide individual product details as well as certifications and/or attributions. This allows building industry professionals to easily locate relevant transparency and sustainability attributes in categories such as: material ingredients, environmental profile, VOCs, material sourcing, social responsibility, etc.
On the mM library site you will find Florida Tile’s certified porcelain tile collections with product descriptions, certifications, declarations, and test reports. Click here to create your free account today.
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