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Internet Selling Policy

Florida Tile has been a domestic manufacturer of porcelain and ceramic tile since 1954 and continues to produce high quality, certified porcelain tile in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky. In addition we are a distributor of porcelain, ceramic, decorative glass and natural stone tile products designed for both residential and commercial applications.

Our products are sold only through a nationwide network of floor covering professionals, carefully chosen for their specialized knowledge and ability to help consumers make the best flooring decision for their needs. In addition, authorized Florida Tile retailers can provide consumers with quality tile and stone samples and the latest flooring design trends that can be seen in-person.

When purchasing flooring, we feel there is no substitute for personal, professional service and installation. Flooring is a substantial investment, and we highly recommend that consumers purchase their flooring from a local Florida Tile dealer in order to ensure that they obtain genuine Florida Tile products as well as the best service both during and after the sale. To uphold our quality standards and protect our customers, we prohibit the sale of Florida Tile products through Internet resellers, and we actively pursue any individual that attempts to misrepresent themselves as an approved online seller of Florida Tile products.

Use of our graphics is strictly forbidden in selling directly to consumers. Permission to use our pictures and logo can be obtained only by signing a Florida Tile Digital Licensing Agreement.  

Florida Tile cautions consumers to beware of any individual or company purporting to offer Florida Tile products for sale on the Internet. Any such transactions are unauthorized by Florida Tile, and leave consumers potentially exposed to fraudulent transactions, lack of warranty protection and absence of after-sale service. Genuine Florida Tile products are available exclusively from our authorized resellers, and we strongly encourage consumers to learn how these trained professionals can earn your business and trust.

To find a trusted Florida Tile trade partner near you, please visit our Store Locator.

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